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Agile Coaching

Adopt Agile Values and Principles

We provide organization leaders and teams the tools, techniques and know-how to adopt Agile Values and Principles in a systematic disciplined yet flexible fashion.

Culture-Led Transformation

In Agile Innovations we believe we can make the biggest change in organizations by encouraging cultural transformation.

So rather than simply teaching you the principles we help you to get inspired by the Agile mindset.

One that is open towards its environment – rather than isolated, living in its own bubble of rules, regulations and old habits. One that is adaptive towards challenges – rather than afraid of them. One that gets things done – rather than speculate and plan until it's too late.

We do so by encouraging and stimulating a transformation within your organizational culture, because we believe that how we think, and how we behave internally, reflects how we work, what we work on, and what results we produce. We utilize our in-house tools to measure the progress of the transformation at each and every stage.

Education and Training

Provide workshops, seminars and in-house training

Agile Innovations is committed to education and training for the organization. We provide workshops, seminars, and in-house training on different topics related to Agile, from fundamentals to advanced topics as they relate to software teams, management, leadership, strategy and structure of the organization.

Software Development and Products

Tell us your needs, and let us work together

Our high performance team is skilled in designing customer based systems through Agile methods.
Tell us your needs, and let us work together in a value-based prioritized incremental approach whose goal is to satisfy YOUR NEEDS.

dotFramework Overview
Our team has developed dotFramework providing the necessary components of a major enterprise system. This framework can then be customized to the user needs easily and seamlessly. The built-in features provide the base for application development, code re-usability, scalability, security, re-factoring, repository and performance.
In more technical terms,

What is it?
dotFramework is a Multi-Channel, Service-Oriented delivery system based on Microsoft .NET Framework. The Back-End supports both REST and SOAP endpoint types channeling a variety of Front-End technologies to communicate with. The Front-End is implemented as a responsive and cross-platform application by Microsoft MVC and is powered by jQuery and bootstrap to be a single-page application.
The Back-End has the ability to connect to different Database Management systems such as SQL Server, ORACLE, and DB2. It has embedded built in features such as authentication and authorization system (A Single-Sign-On System based on oAuth which can handle security in all layers of application), File Repository System, and History Management.

Why dotFramework
What sets dotFramework above other similar solutions is its powerful built in Development Studio and Code Generator that can handle and implement many of the time consuming routines and ongoing changes which all systems (specially enterprise systems) scrimmage with during development. As a result, software developers can focus more on the business application design.


Testimonials on Our Agile Coaches

"... Recently, as an Agile Coach AJ has setup an organization wide training program on Agile fundamentals and topics related to Agile and Lean which I had the pleasure to attend....The discussions, exercises and games were practical, real and very helpful. We are evolving as a team in our Agile journey and AJ has been a great coach in this endeavor...."

"...AJ is one of those rare individuals combining advanced technology domain knowledge (specially in FinTech solutions) with Agile coaching know how. His stages of transformation combine a fresh look at Agile that is very engaging, while providing a system thinking mindset that is organization inclusive..."

"...AJ introduced the Agile principles and practices to our sales force at our SE Asia HQ... I was especially impressed with his style of training. He has a deep knowledge of the subject and his enthusiasm is engaging and fun. He took the time to have everyone participate and was adaptive to the team’s opinions and suggestions during and after the training. Workshops, discussions and videos were given throughout to enforce the learning objectives. I can see the difference in the team’s approach to daily challenges already. Great job and thanks!"

"...AJ was a key player in the successful completion of one of our major core banking solutions here in the Philippines. He provided us the road map for the QA activities, reducing our defect rate substantially...."...As a true Agilist, AJ is well liked by his peers, and cares deeply about the team’s concerns..."

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